M05 UWB-THz Characterization of Dielectric Objects

Principal Investigators: Dr. Thorsten Schultze, Prof. Dr. Ingolf Willms, UDE NTS

Imaging of small structures or whole objects can be strongly enhanced by including the information about the object’s material. In contrast, the material characterization of objects requires details about their orientation and shape. This project is inspired by the vision of a perfectly combined and truly simultaneous imaging and non-destructive material characterization method allowing the sensing of any object, regardless of its surface roughness, with a resolution in the sub-millimeter range and permittivity estimation with an accuracy of better than about ±10%. Central questions deal with (i) how to achieve the utmost resolution in imaging and material characterization and ii) how to perform these methods for multi-object scenarios and for sub-mm objects. The research program is divided into different work packages comprising the following investigation topics: a) Super-resolution (SR) imaging and ellipsometry methods for THz cameras and for radar transceivers. b) Truly simultaneous SR imaging and ellipsometry approaches for the same devices. c) Research into computational highly economic reflection models for the object characterization based on the fusion of Fresnel- and Lambertian reflection, and Fraunhofer diffraction models. d) Investigation into a “lightfield” equivalent THz camera arrangement for further improved SR ellipsometry. e) Measurements of a set of canonical and more complex shaped objects for the experimental validation through all work packages.

Outstanding in M05 is the fusion of super-resolution imaging and non-destructive polarimetric material characterization for smallest objects without any a-priori knowledge, towards the MARIE vision of a 3D indoor material mapping. The absolutely simultaneous imaging and material characterization shall boost the achievable precision and drastically reduce the measuring time for mobile real-time applications. M05 complements the work of the projects M03-M04 with the following indispensable activities: Investigations into polarimetric methods, material characterization by ellipsometry and comprehensive investigations concerning super-resolution for both, radar transceivers and THz cameras.