Project C06 - Compact Optoelectronic THz Spectroscopy System 

Principal Investigators: Dr. Carsten Brenner, RUB PTT; Prof. Dr. Andreas Stöhr, UDE ZHO

Time Domain Spectroscopy (TDS) is the gold standard for material characterization in the frequency range of 100 GHz to a few THz. However, typical TDS systems are complex and operate in a laboratory environment only. For the long-term vision of MARIE, a compact and portable TDS system is necessary.

This project aims at developing such a compact and portable THz system for material inspection by taking a Quasi TDS (QTDS) approach. The main difference in our system is the multimode operation of the diode lasers in contrast to the more demanding modelocked operation of solid-state or fibre lasers. During the project we will investigate the complex interplay of multimode diode lasers and optoelectronic components for THz generation and detection. We will then proceed to develop a quasi time domain spectroscopy system which incorporates all these findings making use of well-established telecommunication diode laser technology at 1550 nm. This QTDS system will be used to efficiently measure spectral fingerprints up to frequencies around 1 THz and therefore make a valuable contribution to the 2n and 3rd challenge of MARIE.

Besides the technological development of the THz transmitter and receiver, an additional task is the collection of THz spectroscopy data of previously defined relevant materials as a basis for later material recognition. As such, this project will analyze the potential and give directions towards the development of a compact and portable optoelectronic THz QTDS system for material recognition, especially for solid materials showing spectral fingerprints without narrowband features.

In summary, C06 will develop a multi-frequency continuous wave laser system and highpower THz photomixers integrated with tailored broadband antennas to analyze its potential for material recognition to contribute to the vision of MARIE.